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  • Ford’s Struandale Engine Plant celebrates production of its 4-millionth engine since the plant opened in Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth) in 1964
  • The hydrogen-powered BMW iX5 is coming to South Africa as part of a pilot project to test the feasibility of green hydrogen technologies in the country.
  • South Africa is looking to overhaul its driver's license application system, which could significantly reduce the time spent queueing at your local testing centre . ( See report below)
  • In 2022, Tesla Model Y topped the list of global annual sales of electric vehicles for the first time, selling 786,000 units.
  • Analysts estimates EVs will make up 18% of the total market in 2023, with global sales surpassing 14 million units, a 39% increase from 2022.
  • Since the Prius’ launch in 2005, Toyota sold approximately 1,200 units of its first hybrid in South Africa until its discontinuation in late 2022.
  • Suzuki Jimny five-door first batch on-route to South Africa. Price still unknown

Big changes coming for South African driving licenses

The Driving License Card Account (DLCA) is developing a “smart enrolment” system that will let South African motorists apply for or renew their driving licenses through online self-service.

In May 2022, it was announced that the new driving license system could be introduced by March 2023, despite initial indications suggesting October the same year. However, this date was missed.

It should be noted that the DLCA has yet to procure the driving license printing machine required to launch the new license system.

These 10 Fastest Electric Supercars Are Crazy: Check Them Out
We all love fast cars, but these street-legal electric supercars really take the cake.

  1. Rimac Nevera (415 kph)
  2. Tesla Roadster (402 kph)
  3. Aspark Owl (400 kph)
  4. Pininfarina Battista 349 kph)
  5. Genovation GXE (347 kph)
  6. Drako GTE (331 kph)
  7. Lotus Evija (321 kph)
  8. Tesla Model S Plaid (320 kph)
  9. Dendrobium D-1 (320 kph)
  10. Karma SC2 319 kph)

The fastest 0-100 kph goes to the Aspark Owl (1.69s)

What are the legal consequences of drunk driving?

The legal blood alcohol limit in South Africa is 0.05 g of alcohol per 100 ml of blood.

How much can you drink?
If you drink two 330ml cans of beer in one hour – both men and women will be over the legal limit. If you drink five /ten single Brandy's, you will only be able to drive safely about 10 hours later.

If caught driving under the influence, you can face up to six years in prison or a minimum fine of R2,000. Your driver’s license may also be suspended.

Either way, you will have a criminal record up to 10 years. Those few drinks are not worth it.


  • The petrol engine uses only 20/25 % of the energy introduced and consequently 75/80% of the fuel is dispersed, producing heat.
  • In the electric engine, the percentages are entirely reversed. 80% corresponds to the energy used and only 20% corresponds to the energy dispersed.
  • It is said that the first electric vehicle was displayed at an industry conference in 1835 by a British inventor by the name of Robert Anderson.
  • To keep pedestrians safe, legislation requires EVs to emit a sound with a minimum frequency of 56 Decibels — which is as loud as an electric toothbrush.
  • The Bugatti Veyron is estimated to have over 10,000 individual parts and components.
  • The largest privately owned car collection In he world contains over 7,000 Cars. The 29th Sultan of Brunei has the largest private collection and is estimated to be worth over $5 billion.
  • ThrustSSC, driven by Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green, holds the current land speed record at 1,220 km/h (760 mph) set October 15, 1997. It will take them 13 days to travel to the moon which is 384 400 km away from earth.