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  • Stellantis has dropped a strong hint that the three-quarter-tonne Fiat Strada will return to South Africa, to fill the gap for compact bakkies left by the soon-to-bediscontinued Nissan NP200.
  • Bob Shop e-commerce platform, which recently confirmed to My Broadband that it will be auctioning off a brand-new Suzuki Swift on 24 November, with bidding kicking off at R1 and no reserve in place. According to the Bob Shop website, the Swift auction will only run for one hour, from 12h00 until 13h00 on the last Friday in November.
  • The Ford Puma is off to a good start in South Africa, selling a total of 143 units since it appeared in local showrooms two months ago.
  • Ford said on Wednesday that it will build a plug-in hybrid version of its popular Ranger bakkie at its factory in Silverton, Pretoria.
  • Ferrari Sold More Hybrids than Conventional Gas-Powered Cars for the First Time Last Quarter. Between July and September, Ferrari’s hybrid sports cars accounted for 51 percent of its sales.
  • Huge diesel price cuts possible for December: Those with diesel powered vehicles are likely to cheer the loudest next month, with the latest daily snapshot from the Central Energy Fund pointing to potential price cuts of around R1.80 per liter.

Did you know:

  • Technically, every one of the 532 cars “destroyed” in the making of Transformers 3, was already fit for the scrapheap. The cars had been donated to director Michael Bay because they were flood damaged, and therefore needed to be scrapped by law anyway.
  • Auto industry generates employment of 13 persons for each truck, 6 persons for each car and four persons for each three-wheeler and one person for two-wheelers
  • There are 16 passenger vehicles per 1000 people in India
  • The most common reason for an Illuminated check engine light is a problem with the Catalytic Converter
  • The World Record for The Fastest Engine Replacement is 42 seconds. Five Royal British marines spent two weeks practicing engine replacements until they could do it fast enough to break the world record. Since then, they have continued to hold the world record for the fastest engine replacement ever!

The Future of 4X4 off-roading in South Africa
South Africans are a lifestyle nation, shown clearly every month with the scale of bakkies sold.

We’re happy to load them up, accessorize them for holidays and overlanding, spend weekends on 4x4 trails and we’re not shy to hook up trailers, caravans and boats and head into the great unknown.

Do that with an electric car and it will decimate your range and good luck trying to charge it in the Namib Desert or Moremi Plains in Botswana, never mind getting to your destination, often thousands of kilometres away.

That been said the integration of electric technology in off-road vehicles is rapidly advancing. High-performance models are being developed, offering improved range, power and durability, ensuring a thrilling off-road experience.

Factors Driving Market Growth
Environmental concerns, technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences are propelling the off-road electric vehicle market. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, manufacturers are leveraging this opportunity to introduce more efficient and eco-friendly models.

Challenges and Opportunities
Challenges exist, such as high initial costs, limited charging infrastructure and regulatory barriers. However, these challenges offer opportunities for growth, innovation and strategic collaborations within the industry.

In conclusion, the off-road electric vehicle market is steering the automotive industry toward a greener and more sustainable future. As technology evolves and consumer demand for eco-friendly transportation grows, the off-road electric vehicle sector is set for further advancements and growth.

By now, it’s apparent that electric vehicles—or “EVs” as they are more commonly known, are here to stay. Whether it has two wheels or four, electric vehicles are playing an increasing role in the off-road marketplace as more of them land on the showroom floor purpose-built for off-roading and overlanding.

Clickacar - GMC Hummer EV SUV

The GMC Hummer EV SUV was one of the most anticipated electric SUVs at the start of this year. It boasts impressive off-road capabilities and a futuristic design that sets it apart from other SUVs. One of its notable features is its Crab-Walk mode, which allows the vehicle to move diagonally at low speeds, making it easier to navigate tight spaces or
tricky terrains.

On a personal note - Despite all the challenges that lie ahead, I am convinced that the industry will overcome
and I perceive this as our next new frontier.