The Coolest Car Facts You Need to Read

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Here are some of the coolest, weirdest, and strangest car facts we could find on the internet. You ready, steady, go!

  1. The world record for removing and replacing a car engine is 42 seconds


Five Royal British Marines out of Portsmouth who practiced for two straight weeks, in order to show off their impressive skills of engine-swapping... It almost took as long to get that Ford Escort across the finish line as it did to swap the engine. For their efforts, these men made it to the Famous Guinness Book of World Records.

Watch the video of the marines swapping the engine  here.

  1. The man who invented cruise control was blind

Ralph Teetor was inspired to invent cruise control by his lawyer, who was apparently a meagre driver, especially when he started chatting and the car would slow down or speed up.

  1. The Hennessey Venom GT is the world’s fastest "production car"

Hennessey Venom F5 022718 2

Image: Venom GT

Its top speed is an amazing 435kmph!

  1. The first ever car accident occurred in 1891


This prompted the introduction of better safety equipment for drivers. Read more here about injuries that you can sustain in a car accident without knowing about it.

  1. The largest speeding fine ever produced was €1 000 000 which is about R18 513 899


This was levelled at a man in Sweden, who was clocked doing 290kmph. In Sweden, speeding fines are proportionate to the amount someone earns. This dude must have been rich.

  1. The world’s first speeding ticket was issued in 1902


How fast was the offending motorist travelling? A scandalous 72kmph.

  1. Volkswagen owns twelve well-known car brands from seven European countries


Including Audi, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Commerical Vehicles, Scania, and MAN. Man! That’s a lot.

  1. 75% of all cars produced by Rolls Royce are still on the road

It seems Rolls Royce owners really love their cars… and recycling.

  1. The average car contains over 30 000 unique parts
  2. 60 000 000 cars are produced every year

That’s 165 000 a day, 6 875 an hour and 115 a minute. Absolutely amazing right?

And that's the craziest car facts on the internet, we hope you enjoyed them and see how history influenced the cars we drive in today. For an awesome deal, read this. And for an even better one, check out ClickaCar's Virtual Showroom.