Flat Tyre, what now?

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  • First things first, the moment you become aware that you have a flat tyre, you should stop the car as soon as possible to limit damage to the tyre.
  • No need to slam on the brakes — you can gently slow your vehicle with control.
  • When stopping the car, try to find a place where you are as far away from the passing traffic as possible. If you can park on a flat, hard, level area too - that’s even beter
  • If on a roadside, place your safety triangel  45 meters on the road surface, behind your car. 
  • Make sure to engage the cars hand/parking brake
  • Use your wheel brace to loosen all the wheel nuts. Only just loosen the nuts off a little bid
  • Consult your owners manual for the recommended places to use a jack on the underbody of your car
  • Next use your jack to raise the vehicle until the flat tyre is off the ground. Remember you will need to have enough clearance to fit the spare, which will need more room because it is inflated.
  • Once the wheel is high enough, remove all the wheel nuts and the wheel will come off.
  • Lift your spare into position and tighten all the wheel nuts as tight as possible with the wheel still off the ground.
  • Use the jack to lower the vehicle back onto the ground.
  • Once on the ground, remove the jack and use your wheel brace to re-tighten the wheel nuts.
  • Remember to have your flat tyre repaired or replaced as soon as possible. You don’t want to experience another flat tyre only to remember that your spare is flat!
  • One final note about changing a flat tyre roadside - if you don’t feel safe or confident carrying out the procedure yourself, then there are companies, which provide a roadside assistance service.
  • The most trusted roadside assistance in South Africa - The Automobile Association of SA...... 0861 000 234.
  • Can I use AA if I'm not a member?
    “We'll come and rescue you, even if you're not a member yet.”